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Pronova Ventures offers capital investments for companies which have a potential to become a significant name in the economy of India.

We help passionate entrepreneurs turn their goals and aspirations into reality. Multi sectorial knowledge and skill set of our diverse team of businessmen and professionals like lawyers and chartered accountants help us identify passionate entrepreneurs who can lead in their sector of excellence.

“We have the expertise and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward in your business.”
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we are business incubators

As incubators, Pronova Ventures provides subsidiary services along with capital requirements to assure a successful business for entrepreneurs with attractive business ideas. The companies we invest in are made sure they meet their comfort. We help entrepreneurs focus on their outcome by becoming their incubators. Our company helps entrepreneurs work at ease.

We provide:

Business Management Services

o Help with business basics
o Mentorship

Financial Services

o Accounting/financial management
o Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs

o Access to angel investor or venture capital

Legal Services

Intellectual property management
Help with regulatory compliance

Networking Services

Links to strategic partners
Networking activities
Advisory boards and mentors
Management team identification

Marketing Services

Marketing assistance
Market Research
Technology commercialization assistance

we are business accelerators

We invest as business accelerators as well, which is a platform to find market fit output to invest in. We partner with entrepreneurs with business ideas that can find a competition in market. As our principles demand, we provide more than just capital like management expertise, mentorship, etc. Our work continues with the entrepreneurs.

our investments